Email Training Programn and Email Etiquette

An Email Etiquette and Outlook training program is available for delivery to corporations, groups, or individuals.


The Email Etiquette and outlook training is focused on improving specific Email skills, processing techniques and media competencies that prior research has identified as being especially problematic and yields the greatest benefit:

Email and Outlook Skills:

  • Specific Email features, functions, and processing approaches that improve your ability to find, manage, and organize Email.

Email Etiquette and Media Skills:

  • When to use Email as a mode of communication vs. other types of communication methods.
  • How to create Email subject lines that are relevant and action oriented.
  • How to write and structure an Email that is organized, clear, and concise.

Email Processing and Triage Skills:

  • Specific approaches and methodologies for efficiently reviewing and processing both your new (incoming) and existing Email.
  • How to layout your Email system to make your triage more effective.

If you are interested in learning about the Email Etiquette and Outlook Training program, please complete the form below and enter training request in the subject line.

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