Top 10 Technical Email Tips to Reduce your Email Overload

Technical Email OVERLoAD Tips


Technical approaches to reducing Email overload leverage specific features and functionality in the Email system itself as ways to reduce Email overload. These technical Email tips and approach has traditionally been the primary focus area for most Email training

  1. Use automated rules to move select messages to specific folders to help keep your inbox cleared of these messages.  This is especially useful for automatically routing newsletters or routine system messages to a dedicated folder for later review.
  2. Add additional fields to the inbox and organize them in a manner that assists you with your ability to quickly scan and triage messages for critical information.
  3. Use the available inbox fields to quickly sort messages by subject, priority, sender, category, or deadline.  Use the thread view to organize messages by common discussion topic.
  4. Use select color coding and formatting in your inbox to help highlight specific messages, such as those that are high-priority, from specific people, or on certain topics.
  5. Define and utilize custom views as a way to quickly review certain categories of messages, such as only from your manager, flagged messages, unread messages, or messages with a specific keyword.
  6. Make selective use of flags and/or categories to help prioritize and organize your messages and assist with Email triage and message follow-up, but do not over utilize these features or it will dilute their effectiveness.
  7. Create simple folder structures instead of complex, and difficult to maintain hierarchical folder structures.
  8. Use the powerful Email search and find features to locate specific messages in your inbox or archived folders.
  9. Use the tasks feature for routine, simple, and recurring items. But don’t overuse this feature or attempt to use it in place of a true project management system.
  10. Do not leave Emails in your inbox for reminders.  Instead, use the calendar, tasks, designated Email folders, or a project tracking system for this purpose.

Improving individual’s skills and capabilities in utilizing the Email client can result in significant improvements in Email processing capabilities and help to significant reduce Email overload.