How to Boost Productivity in Five Minutes or Less

Nine Ways to Boost Productivity

Want to be more productive at work? Whether you’re a solopreneur, work in a small company, or part of a large corporation, getting more done in less time is critical to success. Here is an infographic that contains several simple strategies for boosting your productivity quickly and easily.

Think about your work day….

How often are you interrupted by another person that you work with, or by pings from Emails, bings from messaging apps, or even the ringing of good-old phone call?

Those interruptions, whether they are constant or occasional, can be a major source of lost productivity.

If you don’t signal in some way to other people that you’re busy or focused on work, it is as if you have an “open office door” - anyone can walk in an interrupt you at anytime.

And it isn’t always work-related interruptions that negatively impact your productivity. Sometimes it is personal and social interruptions that you interrupt your own work - including personal Emails, social networking accounts, or just plain “slacking-off”.

But there are methods you can take to get on top of those distractions, be they distractions you generate yourself or that others are responsible for.

Get some inspiration on how to Improve your Productivity with the ideas and strategies in this Infographic (How to Boost Productivity in Five Minutes or Less).

How to Boost Productivity

(Infographic Courtesy of: ZeroCater)


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